Tasks of the Management Board

The management board prepares the meetings of the general assambly and ensures the implementation of the resolutions of the association's members. Furthermore, it is responsible for the administration of the association's assets, set-up of the budget
and staff employment.
The board suggests to the general assembly the managing director and the deputy managing director. It also decides on the management guidelines.

Board members of the Exposure- und Dialogprogramme e.V.

  1. Michael Steeb (chairman)
    former Managing Director, Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Entwicklungshilfe e.V. (AGEH/Association of Development Cooperation)
  2. Bruno Wenn (deputy chairman)
    Chairman EDFI European Development Finance Institutions
    former Spokesman of the Management Board DEG
  3. Auxiliary Bishop Ulrich Boom
    Würzburg Diocese
  4. Dr. Claudia Lücking-Michel
    Vice President of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK)
    Managing Director AGIAMONDO e.V.
  5. Karl-Sebastian Schulte
    Managing Director of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts

Consulting members:

  1. StMin a.D. Armin Laschet
    Spokesman of the Policy Advisory Board
  2. Dr. Jörg Lüer
    Managing Director German Commission for Justice and Peace
  3. Ulrich Pöner
    Head of section "Universal Tasks of the Church and Migration" of the German Bischops' Conference
  4. Gertrud Casel
    Interim Management EDP e.V.

    (as of: April 2021)