What We Want

We want to bring together key actors from bilateral, national and international institutions of development cooperation, entrepreneurs and representatives of the economic sector, Members of Parliament, responsible persons from the Churches and the society to give them first-hand experience and thus innovative know-how and new approaches so that they can better perform their global responsibility afterwards.

The target of the exposure and dialogue programmes is to create a better understanding of development processes and the difficulties on site. The aim is to give impulses so that the visitors from the industrialised countries can then use their respective opportunities for action to the benefit of the disadvantaged and thus support those processes.

The Exposure and Dialogue Programme also strives for a socio-political impact on Germany and Europe. The direct contact between the visitors from industrialised countries and the exemplary actors in developing and newly industrializing nations strengthens the competence of the participants and inspires them to find constructive solutions also for their own social problems.