• "I had the impressive opportunity to share life, meals and work with Shantaben, a woman who is treated as "untouchable" in the village, for a few days." Former Federal minister Walter Riester, India 2010

  • "The benefit of the exposure and dialogue programme for me was the possibility to be in direct contact with people whose lives are influenced by the work of German development cooperation as well." Dr. Bärbel Kofler MdB, India 2006 and 2014

  • Bischof Dr. Stephan Ackermann

    “For me, the crucial term in the EDP was ‘changing attitudes’. Fortunately, it was not a term that we German people mentioned, but our Ugandan dialogue partners.” Bishop Dr. Stephan Ackermann, Chairman German Commission for Justice and Peace, Uganda 2011

  • Karl Starzacher, AGE

    “A great possibility… to get to know development policy in practice and to broaden the mind. There was one thing that became very clear to us: change is possible!” Karl Starzacher, RAG Aktiengesellschaft, Uganda 2005

  • Gastgeber EDP, Indien 2007

    “I am looking for partners, who are willing to pay a fair price for our export products and appreciate our way to economise. This will benefit everyone.” Host EDP, India 2007

  • Bärbel Höhn, MdB

    “I am learning to not take anything for granted. Life is happening outside, because there is no electricity.” Bärbel Höhn, member of the Bundestag (German parliament), Uganda 2009 / India 2006

  • Ministerpräsident a.D. Dr. h.c. Erwin Teufel

    “I highly recommend this programme to politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists who work in the field of development policy!“ Retired Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. honorary doctor Erwin Teufel, India 1985/ Bangladesh 2000

  • Lothar Binding, MdB

    “Personal experience: how people can be happy with a modest life… Professional experience: the connection between seemingly easy decisions in foreign societies and cultures must be handled with care.” Lothar Binding, member of the Bundestag (German parliament), Bolivia 2004/ India 2000/ Brazil 2014

  • Erzbischof Dr. Ludwig Schick

    “Marialva (my hostess) gives the mothers advice on nutrition and discreetly explains to us: ‚ Pregnant children, fathers in the drug business, no reading or writing skills, ill child, and so on…!’“ Archbishop Dr. Ludwig Schick, Brazil 2008

  • Peter Weiß, MdB

    “Most of the people lose their jobs when they fall ill. Then they have to carry two burdens: they are unemployed and HIV-positive.” Peter Weiß, member of the Bundestag (German parliament), South Africa 2010/ India 1999

  • Gastgeberin EDP Indien

    “With the help of microfinance, I was able to establish a small chicken farm. Now I can pay my children’s school fees.” Hostess EDP India

  • “The secret of our organisation is to never stop and to always carry on. A single action does not guarantee success on the long term, as well as one failure cannot do the opposite.” Renana Jhabvala, SEWA, India 1986

  • “What impressed me a lot was the experience of a close togetherness without any moment of awkwardness or any strange feeling. The experience of trying to live a modest life for at least some time will accompany me.” Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Philippines 1999

  • “Meeting the woman in Bangladesh was moving, you could say, meeting her got under my skin. The experiences with ‘Frauen gründen Existenzen’ (‘Women found businesses’) encouraged me to advance my father’s company, despite all adversities.” Christine Schübel, Schübel GmbH, Bangladesh 2010 / India 2010

  • "It has been a remarkable experience to see the poor develop skills in their daily struggle for survival that can be harnessed to permanently overcome their poverty." Bruno Wenn, Bangladesh 2000

  • “The difference to ordinary business trips? Living with a family gives you a real and close connection to the country. The personal reference persons and the contact with regional business-partners are extraordinary.” Barbara Hagelschuer, BKU, Uganda 2008

  • “EDP successfully developed special programmes, where the participants are able to get to know families in their specific life situations and in this way, get an insight into development aid themes, such as microfinance.” Dr. Hans Reckers, Uganda 2005



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