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Kenya - "Citizen-based" policing? The cooperation of civil society actors in the security sector

EDP in the field: 12 - 19 February 2023.

Relations between security agencies and the population are under great strain in Kenya. The way in which measures to combat the Covid-19 pandemic have been implemented, have further strained social peace. In an authoritarian state, how is it possible to influence the value orientation of an underpaid, poorly trained police force in such a way that human rights orientation and closeness to the people take centre stage?

The Exposure and Dialogue Programs (2018, 2020) conducted jointly with AGIAMONDO in Kenya have demonstrated the contributions of human rights and religious organizations to building a peaceful society. In the new EDP project, you will encounter civil society and state actors working together in community-level security committees, among others, to gradually move closer to the goal of 'community-oriented policing'. In cooperation with the Federal Academy for Security Policy (BAKS) and the German Police University, findings from this learning process will be processed for the dialogue on security sector reform. Co-hosted with BAKS, a kick-off event ("EDP Prologue") will be held in Berlin on September 29, 2022.

If you would like to learn more about this program, the BAKS-EDP Prologue, and preparatory (online) technical discussions and workshops with Kenyan security sector partners, please email your expression of interest to hilgers(at)!

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