EDP Programme on migration, (re-)integration and development

This series starts with an Exposure and Dialogue Programme (EDP) in Berlin from 11th to 15th of November 2018. Migrants who benefit from measures of integration and their perspectives and experiences will be discussed. The focus will be on the points of view and experiences of migrants taking advantage of integration programmes or already took part in them: Access to education, jobs and the housing market; living in an integrated neighbourhood, development of possibilities in case of return to their country of origin. The participants will share a migrant’s everyday life for three days and get to know his/her biography and living conditions. The participants will share their experiences in an expert dialogue on “successful (re-) integration”. The programme will be organized in cooperation with the interkular gGmbH in Berlin.

This series will be continued at an EDP in Morocco in February 2019, where we will take a look at living conditions of families having family members living abroad but who stay in touch with each other. The Moroccan society is shaped by migration for 50 years now, 10% of the population lives abroad and their remittances make up a huge economic factor. The EDP focuses on the transnational localization of these host families and their relationships to diaspora groups. The programme will be organized together with the NGO Deutsch-Marokkanisches Kompetenznetzwerk (DMK e.V.).

Contact Person:
Dr. Ina von Schlichting

+49 228 286 276 42