Implemented Exposure and Dialogue Programmes



  • Wealth and Social Justice through Social Standards in the Cocoa Business
    04 to 11 February 2017 in Kumasi/Ghana
  • Home-Based work and migrant work in transnational textile supply chains - Empowerment of workers in the informal sector
    04 to 11 February 2017 in India


  • Building Health Sector Capacities in Tanzania - the Potential of Pharmaceutical Training and the Role of the Stakeholders in Safeguarding the Human Right to Health
    31 January to 06 February 2016 in Moshi & Mwanza/Tanzania

  • Marginalized Youth being Skilled Workers: Partnerships for Vocational Training
    02 to 08 October 2016 in India


  • Business and social impulses along the cashew value-added chain
    07 to 14 February 2015 in Accra/Ghana


  • Training specialists -- overcoming youth unemployment
    State, companies and civilian society cooperate for professional training
    07 to 13 December 2014 in São Paulo/Brazil

  • International standards for "good work" in the textile sector -- challenges for the actors along the value-added chains
    26 October to 01 November 2014 in Silvassa/India
  • Life in long-term unemployment - differentiated approaches for solutions
    What long-term unemployed persons can do and what they need
    Rhineland Palatinate/ Saarland, May 2014


  • Training specialists - promoting young people
    India, November 2013
  • Observing effects - strengthening own responsibility
    Uganda, February 2013


  • Social impulses by dealing with cotton II
    Zambia, December 2012
  • Cooperatives as financial service providers and providers of impulses for development
    El Salvador, September/October 2012
  • What small entrepreneurs do and need
    Philippines, May/June 2012
  • Professional education and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    India, February 2012


  • Social Impulses through the Cotton Trade
    Malawi, December 2011
  • Facilitating Social Cohesion - Learning about opportunities and challenges of migration and integration in the suburbs of Paris
    France, May 2011
  • Perspective change in agricultural management - potentials of entrepreneurial action in the rural area
    Uganda, July 2011


  • Entrepreneurial responsibility for a sustainable development (CSR) - field of action professional education
    India, December 2010
  • HIV/AIDS - social-political challenge and Christian responsibility
    South Africa, October/November 2010
  • Vulnerability and social security
    India, October 2010
  • Migration and development - challenges for pastoral and social work of the churches
    Ukraine, September 2010


  • International agricultural trade between securing nutrition, energy supply and trade liberalisation
    Uganda & Zambia, March/April 2009
  • Combat Trafficking in Persons – Learning about Reasons and Effects of Forced Labour Migration from the Ukraine,
    May 2009


  • Poverty and exclusion in the metropolis of Salvador da Bahia - Challenge for church and state
    Brazil, April 2008
  • Microfinances,
    Uganda, June 2008
  • Sustainable sanitary supply by empowerment and innovation – ecosan India, October 2008


  • Poverty orientation and efficiency in water use
    Tanzania, September 2007
  • The relationship between local power structures in rural areas and overall social mechanisms of decisions made on the handling of natural resources
    Bolivia, September 2007
  • Poverty and Migration – A Challenge to the Development of Peoples Albania, October 2007


  • Participation and democratisation processes of indigenous peoples in Bolivia
    May 2006
  • Fighting poverty and self-administrated water intake areas
    India, October/November 2006
  • Ethical monetary investments in micro finances
    Uganda, December 2006


  • "Humane work for everyone" Core working standards and organisational freedom in the informal economy
    India, September 2005
  • Exposure and dialogue programme on the UN years of the micro credit 2005 in Uganda, October/November 2005


  • Land ownership distribution and migration - survival strategies of the rural population in Bolivia
    June 2004
  • Poverty and migration
    Albania, September/October 2004


  • Increasing active participation of the poor - more financial and social safety by small credits
    Dominican Republic, January/February 2004
  • In the horizon of globalisation: Opportunities and challenges of social forms of active solidarity or: Countering the globalisation of profit and poverty by globalisation of solidarity.
    Guatemala, February/March 2003
  • Community education and spirituality "A new way of being church"
    Singapore/Malaysia, March/April 2004


  • Creating positive framework conditions for fighting poverty by self-help - securing participation of the poor
    Bolivia, October 2002


  • Strategies for participative fighting of poverty - The example of the debt repayment process (HIPC) in Bolivia
    February 2001
  • 40 years Adveniat: Faith in the life of communities in Guatemala and Honduras
    August 2001


  • Women found existences
    Bangladesh, January/February 2000
  • An Eastern-Western European meeting programme in the regions of Baden (Germany), Alsace (France) and Romandie (Switzerland)
    September 2000
  • Creation of framework conditions for self-administration
    India, December 2000


  • Unity of faith and life
    Philippines, January 1999
  • Gaining negotiation power by organisation
    India, July 1999


  • Human rights and development
    Peru, October 1998


  • "Women at the centre" Exposure and dialogue programme at Grameen Bank
    Bangladesh, January 1997


    India, September 1995