International Standards for “Good Work“ in the Textile Sector

Ethiopia, 20.-27.10.2018

Despite a still oppressive work and life situation of thousands of workers in the global textile sector, there is action that give hope for improvements. This is the case in Ethiopia, where the textile company DBL Group and H&M establish a production site, where special attention is paid to social standards, also to increase their competitiveness and improve their reputation among potential clients in Europe. The participants of this EDP will live and work with workers from this textile company, which is also an associate member in the partnership for sustainable textiles. This way, the company opens up to a dialogue about social standards, decent work and wages which assure a livelihood. The Exposure and Dialogue Programme will be held with participants from policy, (trading) companies and civil society organizations. It wants to contribute to the meeting of binding minimum standards for a “decent work” along the global textile value chain.

Contact Person:
Dr. Christine Mansfeld

+49 228 286 276 43


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