Cocoa Farmers' Livelihoods and Sector Sustainability - Preparing the Ground for a Multi-Actors-Partnership in Ghana


While global market demand for high quality cocoa is strong, all stakeholders along the value chain starting from the cocoa producers up to the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) and beyond have to find solutions to the demographic challenges the sector faces. The average age of small-holder farmers is at around 55 years since future prospects of the younger generation in rural areas are bleak. Especially when people’s livelihoods depend on farming characterized by a low rate of diversification with virtually no off-farm sources of income.

Making cocoa a vital and thriving line of business that provides living income to young people is the key sustainability challenge – taking into account the additional risks that come along by fluctuating and currently declining world market prices.

The EDP leadership training will generate hands-on experience by immersion in the life and work of cocoa farmers on household and farm level. EDP provides genuine insights into best practices of cocoa stakeholder initiatives. The programme forms part of a three-year’s process by which pro-poor development approaches shall become both more comprehensible and comprehensive.

Exposure and Dialogue® provides an avenue to managers and decision-makers who want to make the cocoa value chain more inclusive and profitable to farmers, the youth and the local communities.
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