At the end of the programme on site there is a dialogue in form of a workshop or a conference. This phase is used to reinforce the shared learning and reflection process. The EDP organizers invite persons responsible from the local EDP partner organisation(s) and other experts and representatives of relevant institutions involved in the subject area focussed since they are higly relevant resource persons and dialogue partners.

This is to gain further insights and try deepen mutual understanding. Such dialogue can stimulate searching for solutions to problems and offer space for developing new ideas as well as possible (follow-up) activities in the subject area dealt with; and beyond that.

Essentially, the dialogue is based on an inductive process made up of three elements:

(1) the core exposure experiences;

(2) the previous assessments of the EDP participants' group in the previous reflection, being presented in the form of preliminary 'lessons learnt' (from the Exposure phase); and

(3) the key notes and technical inputs as well as the results of work groups on specific subject areas sheding more light on the "key experiences" and the "key issues" raised during the days of personal meetings in the field (Exposure phase).