How do Exposure and Dialogue Programmes emerge?

The EDP Association conducts exposure and dialogue programmes (EDPs) to pursue both the specific targets of the participants and the overall aims and objectives of reducing poverty worldwide; either in accordance with the Association's own responsibility or by order of institutions in the realm of international development, social policy or by the Church. Staying in a country of the developing world ("Global South") is relevant to hightlight a specific subject. However, there are also programmes in Europe that deal with differently defined problem areas.

The individual programmes having groups of participants between eight (8) and 18 persons each, are being customised to both personal and institutional expectations of the participants. Institutional expectations are to be established during prior concept development discussions with the relevant partners cooperating in a particular programme. The merely individual participants' expectations are being discussed in formal preparatory meetings as the EDP Associations needs to contribute to helping participants find their way in an usually foreign habitat and culture more easily. The programmes help generate experiences that correspond to the participants' tasks and duties to which they can resume. In this way, they are able to generate innovative ideas, solve problems in their own areas of competence and be inspired to work (more) creatively.