Who can participate in an EDP?

Exposure and dialogue programmes (EDP) are targeted at decision-makers and managers who actively contribute or want to contribute to improving the situation and securing the basis of life of people.

The programme specifically targets the contribution of persons who influence development policy in politics, business, society, churches, science and media as well as the national and international business-political framework conditions. A central principle of design for sustainable development cooperation and social policy according to our approach is the comprehensive involvement of the poor, disadvantaged and excluded in the social-politics process.

Exposure- und Dialogprogramme e.V. offers persons and institutions who pursue these targets a methodical and organisational framework within which they can develop their own development and social political contributions and customised strategies for social change. Motivation to be open for the method of meeting and intercultural learning by experience and the claim to draw conclusions for one's own work from experience and implementing them are central for participation.