Who is behind the Exposure- und Dialogprogramme e.V.?


Exposure- und Dialogprogramme e.V. is made up of highly motivated people who are experienced and who bear responsibility in church and society. They are committed to Christian and secular values, specifically the values of just participation and human rights. The association is sponsored by Catholic relief organisations.


How is EDP e.V. financed?


The base amount to finance the office and the employees is borne by the Catholic church in Germany. Specific programme costs are mostly covered by the cost participations of the participants.


What is an exposure and dialogue programme?


Exposure and dialogue programme is the name of a method with which we want to inspire participants to take a change of perspective. Exposure means that I as a participant deal with different situations in life and use this experience to draw subjective and objective conclusions according to context, and then articulate them in the reflection phase of the programme. Dialogue means that the experience made and expressed can be contributed to the participant group and put into new perspectives in a technical discussion with experts.


What does EDP want to achieve?


The programme's target is to let the participants share in the lives of disadvantaged people in developing and emerging countries with their own eyes and senses. How do people who are poor, have limited rights and usually no political voice live and work? We believe that such experience permits insights into foreign realities of life in this world. Personal conclusions from the EDP experiences can be included in the decision-making tolerances of the participants.


Is poverty made a "tourist attraction" by this?


No, it's about approximation, about experiencing and feeling the life in difficult situations of life, in poverty and with a disadvantage in opportunities. The travel objectives of the EDP programmes include opening up new perspectives for action for decision-makers and those responsible.


Why should I participate in an EDP?


The experience of participants shows that the programme expands and differentiates the view of global connections. The ability to perceive other than one's own situation in life is strengthened. Networks are developed that may exceed institutional limits and reach all the way into parliament.


What do the people on site gain from exposure and dialogue programmes?


Host families are happy when better-off persons from other locations are interested in them and want to learn how they live. This experience is stimulating for both, provides impulses for change and is perceived as a special valuation and honour. Material expenses are reimbursed.
The partner organisation on site uses EDPs to reflect on its own work and can publicly effectively raise awareness for its work from case to case.


Do I need special prerequisites to participate in an EDP?


EDP e.V. is targeted at decision-makers from politics, business, church and society. Therefore, the institutional anchoring in a context like this is a prerequisite for participation. Our participants include members of parliament, managers and specialists from companies, banks, ministries, labour unions, non-governmental organisations, as well as scientists and journalists.


How expensive is participation?


The participants contribute an average of 2,500 Euro to the performance costs of the programmes and bear their own long-distance travel expenses.


Where will I stay on site?


The programme takes place in a common meeting centre for the area. You will stay three days and nights with host families and live in their private households. The required (additional) equipment such as mattresses, mosquito nets, drinking water, etc., is provided.


How dangerous is participation in an exposure and dialogue programme?


We observe the health and political safety of our participants beyond the official safety notes and travel warnings (foreign office) in our preparations. We continually review executability and safety provisions in close coordination with the partners on site.


How long do I stay on site? How much time do I need to keep free for preparation and follow-up?


The stay on site, including travel there and back, takes eight to nine days, plus one day for preparation (approx. two weeks before) and follow-up (approx. two months after).


How many participants are there in the respective EDP?


Between 10 and 18 persons can participate in an exposure and dialogue programme.