Customised concepts with current topics

We do several Exposure and Dialogue Programmes (EDP) every year, where representatives from economy, politics and civil society take part in. Together with interested companies, we develop customised concepts for Exposure and Dialogue Programmes. Besides that, we offer travels for executives from companies with the following topics:

Microfinance services: Innovative financial concepts are becoming more and more important for the setup of the private sector in developing countries. In our microfinance EDPs, representatives of the banking industry and the insurance business learn that microfinance helps securing poor people’s lives. At the same time, former participants can give impulses for the development of, for example, microfinance investment trusts in Germany.

Social and environmental standards in delivery chains: We enable companies and managers that work together with suppliers in developing and threshold countries intense insights into the living and working conditions of those people that are at the beginning of transnational value chains. These experiences strengthen the basis for a value-based environment management and the improvement of “corporate social responsibility”.

Other themes are for example:

•    International agricultural trade
•    Social security systems
•    Education